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Director's Message 

The Oceana business, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, continues to grow at rapid pace. Focusing on customer service and speed to market, Oceana continues to be competitive in a very aggressive market with more than 10 WaterMark certification bodies, remaining as the second largest certification body in the region.

Over the past year, IAPMO Oceana has continued to grow significantly and our presence in the certification industry and the name itself has become a recognizable brand.

Our business in product certification continues to be a competitive challenge now that there are 11 certification bodies in Australia. IAPMO Oceana continues to demonstrate we offer excellent quality technical services, which meet our customer’s requirements, even in these tough trading conditions. We continue to hold ambitious growth targets for our business in Australia, and the expansion of the technical team will continue to exceed our client's expectations.

Grounding out its strong position within the industry, IAPMO has partnered with the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC) to establish a world-class research and development centre in Melbourne.

IAPMO and PICAC have worked in parallel toward advancement of the plumbing industry for years and this partnership consolidates many of those efforts and gives both organizations access to world-class resources and professional expertise.

Australia sits at the gateway of the Asian Pacific community, and is an economic centre expected to experience major growth through trade and innovation over the next 15 years. The Asia Pacific middle class is anticipated to expand from 300,000 to 3.3 million by 2030 and Indonesia’s GDP will surpass that of Germany within 10 years.

“I’m absolutely thrilled that IAPMO and PICAC are able to forge such a meaningful partnership, with significant long-term positive benefits for the industry through the ongoing development of this technology park,” IAPMO CEO GP Russ Chaney said. “IAPMO continues to dedicate resources to ensure our industry remains on the leading edge of the remarkable growth occurring throughout the Asian-Pacific region.”

Being right on the developing edge for new materials, technologies and process will not only expose the Australian plumbing industry to future trends and innovation sooner, it will more importantly ensure the ongoing development of contemporary skills and competency.

“Because of its sheer size and exposure to the very exacting requirements of the nuclear energy, military and semiconductor industries, the United States has developing technologies not seen in Australia,” said Shayne La Combre, CEO of PICAC. “The IAPMO and PICAC Partnership will contribute to the continuing globalization of Australia’s plumbing workforce and industry. We will continue to work together for all of our stakeholders to grow a Global Plumbing Industry with endless opportunities.”

The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre hosted World Plumbing Day in Victoria to celebrate this occasion on March 11. The event was the most successful ever, with more than 400 people attending. IAPMO Oceana was a proud sponsor of the 2014 World Plumbing Day. Highlights of the day included the Plumbing Industry Luncheon, whereby 270 industry stakeholders attended a luncheon with speakers focusing on “Emerging Health Risks Affecting the Plumbing Industry.” In addition, a Plumbing Apprentice Skills Competition and Sprinkler Fitting Apprentice Skills Competition were held whereby13 leading apprentices from across Victoria displayed their skills and knowledge of plumbing, mechanical services and fire protection in practical demonstration.

A National Barbeques Galore conference was held in April 2014 and attended by 50 Barbeques Galore stores from across Australia. IAPMO Oceana was invited to attend this three-day event in Sydney. Barbeques Galore is one of the biggest barbeque retailers in Australia. IAPMO Oceana was truly honored at the opportunity of being a major sponsor as this was the first time a certifying assessment body was represented at such an event. The conference was attended by Anson Du, IAPMO Oceana GasMark team leader; Lokkay Tam, IAPMO Oceana GasMark client manager, and Amy O’Dea, administration assistant, who provided gas certification information to all attendees and networked with several retailers, as well as Chinese manufacturers.

The Plumbing Supply Forum held in May was a key event that brought together all plumbing industry players for a unique day of knowledge gathering, industry discussion and networking. Attendees from all over the country and from all sectors of the industry listened and participated in discussions about standards, WELS, building and construction, the economy, consumer perspectives, codes, and sustainability. Many issues were cleared up and many gained even more traction as the speakers gave insight into matters that greatly affect the industry as a whole. IAPMO Oceana was proud to be a major sponsor of this event.

IAPMO Oceana is working hard to continue to build the IAPMO Oceana business and to become the benchmark to which all other certification bodies in Australia aspire.

IAPMO developed markets continue to deliver excellent solutions and service. To see the progress made in developing markets toward standardization has been very encouraging. IAPMO continues to focus efforts internationally in markets that greatly benefit from our wide range and extensive suite of services for the industry. Capacity, of course, is driven by the ability to innovate, and we have focused our efforts throughout international markets on delivering programs that can be integrated seamlessly into the marketplace.